Colour Analysis secrets took me from frumpy to fabulous at 50

Colour Analysis secrets took me from frumpy to fabulous at 50

Do you want to learn the colour analysis secrets that took me from frumpy to fabulous at 50?  I feel amazing and I’m loving the compliments, how much more confident I am and how much younger I look.

What is colour analysis and how did it change my life for the better?

After a colour analysis session, I was told I was a Summer in the Seasonal Colour Analysis system.   I spent decades wearing pastels, blues, cool reds, purples and deep greys.    And yet, despite buying lovely outfits, good quality make-up and knowing how to apply it, I looked awful.   I received lots of compliments for my lovely shirt, pretty scarf or necklace, but the whole look was a disaster and I didn’t know why.

When I wore summer make-up colours, my eyes looked bruised and sore.   My skin looked deathly pale, any blemishes (blackheads anyone?) stood out like a sore thumb and pretty much everyone who met me thought I was ill. I have a big nose with an interesting shape, my partner says it’s Roman, (or roaming all over my face).   It looks so much bigger when I wear the wrong colours, isn’t that bizarre?

After much deliberation, I decided the only way to understand what was going on, was to take the training myself.  I went with two providers who each had a different approach, both franchise free so I could choose my own path.  At the end of the process I learned A LOT.

It took me a few weeks of gazing at myself in the mirror with different drapes and at all times of day, to finally accept that I wasn’t a Summer after all.     I laughed when I remembered a birthday card from a friend that said ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I am my Mother after all.’    She’s shorter than I am and definitely my mini-me.

Colour Analysis - Loraine in Spring Pinks

Loraine in Spring Pinks


Colour Analysis - Loraine in Summer Pinks

Loraine in Summer Pinks


Colour Analysis - Loraine in Autumn Pinks

Loraine in Autumn Pinks

Colour Analysis - Loraine in Winter Pinks, Purples

Loraine in True Winter Pinks/Purples

In the images above, you’ll see me (left to right) in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter pinks.

The Spring pinks aren’t bad, they’re too bright for me, but they are warm and they look good.

The Summer pinks are too cool but are the soft/muted so they don’t overwhelm me in the same way the Spring pinks have.

The Autumn pinks (salmon and coral in this case) are in harmony with my colouring, they are the right depth, soft/muted, rich and they work well.

The Winter pinks are bright, cool hues and you see them long before you even notice me, they are too bold for my subtle colouring.

In Colour Analysis terms what does that mean?

If using a Seasonal colour analysis approach I’m an Autumn.

But in a Tonal colour analysis approach it’s refined further and splits each season into three sub-types based on my Tonal Dominance.   I am a Soft/Muted Autumn with warm skin (which looks cool, pale and grey in the wrong colours).    Soft/Muted being the Tonal direction and Autumn being the season.

My eyes should have been a big clue, they have a starburst pattern often seen in Autumns and are not the muddy blue they have looked for years.    They are, in fact, various shades of teal with a dark teal outline, an olive starburst around the pupils and little flecks of yellow throughout the teal/blue of the iris.

It’s hard to photograph but you can see the yellow flecks, light olive starburst and teal background/outline.

Colour Analysis, close up view of my eye colours
Colour Analysis, close up view of my eye colours

Colour Analysis Consultation 2020

Skin tones and colour analysis

My skin is a mix of pink and yellow which can appear neutral, but is more warm than cool.   It took patience and trust in my own ability to see what was happening with my eyes and skin whenever I swapped one drape for another.

I had great fun with it and tried many combinations.    If you based the analysis just on my eye colour you’d think, yes, my eyes are warm and a little bit bright.   Is she a Spring?   But the rest of me is too Soft/Muted and my skin is textured rather than the youthful smooth you’d see in a Spring.    I have tried Spring colours and because they are warm, I can get away with some of them, but if I’m honest they wear me.   I should also tell you that I feel like a clown in them, a quiet person wearing a loud costume.

They look amazing on a good friend of mine, who is absolutely light, bright and warm, the colours are perfect for her.    I found the aquas and spring greens reflected onto my skin, casting a green glow to my face.   I’d give Spock a run for his money, that’s for sure.

I can wear some of the Spring neutrals, mainly because they are also suitable for some Autumns, part of our shared warm palette of colours.

I didn’t understand why I looked awful in Black, but I now see that it drains me and while it’s a great thinkers colour (Steve Jobs wore it as a uniform every day) it makes me look and feel tired.    I can wear it, away from my face, but the energy of it is too intense and I’m glad to change outfit as soon as I can.    I also need to remember to wear antique gold, copper, rose gold or creamy pearls between me and the little black dress so that the closest thing to my face is a colour that suits me.   A scarf in one of my wow colours would also achieve this.

So, how did colour analysis change my life?

Colour analysis added a new element to our consultancy business Artemis Media and I often work with business men and women to help them look and feel better at work.   I work with them to find the wow colours, give advice on the best colours for particular work situations and how to be seen at work.

I look and feel well.    I’m often asked if I have lost weight, but it’s because I am wearing flattering colours and shapes that suit my body and skim the curves rather than fighting them.   A little bit of magic goes a long, long way.  I also, after 51 years, learned to love and embrace my wavy/curly hair and let it do it’s thing.   My hair thanks me.

Colour Analysis gave me confidence

I am a lot more confident, I feel at ease wherever I go.

A male colleague commented that I looked ten years younger and had I lost a lot of weight?   No weight had been lost but I will never forget that comment and how amazing it made me feel.

Was I dressed up, corporate or super smart?    I wore a khaki patterned top, bootcut trousers, a fitted cardigan and a statement necklace.    The overall look was casual, but because it was coordinated and accessorized well, it worked brilliantly.

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Hair colour also makes a big difference, I had some highlights done at the hairdresser and having asked for an ash or caramel blonde, I ended up with this brassy yellow.   Can you see how blotchy, uneven and red it makes my face look?   Needless to say I soon covered it with an ashy blonde to counteract the too bright yellow and ended up with a warmish, neutral dark blonde instead – and no blotches 🙂

colour analysis of hair colour
bright yellow highlights,too bright for my subtle colouring, see how red and blotchy my face looks?