Colour Analysis DIY Colour Analysis

Tonal Colour Analysis

Tonal Colour Analysis is based allows  an expansion of the Seasonal Colour System.     We take six characteristics which help you identify which type you are.

We start by finding the Dominant Characteristic from the six listed.

Deep/Dark – strong, deep colouring, often with dark hair and eyes

Light – light, delicate colouring, light eyes and hair, often a natural blonde

Warm – warm/golden hair, often warm skin tones (yellow based rather than blue or red)

Cool – no yellow tones to the skin, often pinkish or blue toned with

Soft/Muted – soft and dusty look, little contrast between eyes, skin, hair with a blended look.

Bright/Clear – eyes are bright, all features are clear and no feature is muted or soft.


We then find the Secondary Characteristic.     If your Dominant is Warm or Cool, we establish whether Clear/Bright or Soft/Muted colours work best for you.    If your Dominant is any of the others, we establish whether you are Warm or Cool.    As an example, my Dominant is Soft/Muted, but my Secondary is Warm.