About Colour, colour analysis theory

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About Colour, colour analysis theory

Munsell’s Colour Theory and what the means for you?

In simple terms every person can wear EVERY colour, but what makes the difference is the depth, clarity and undertone of the colour.

Munsell’s 3 dimensional colour theory helps us to explain how that works and there is an excellent explanation here but what follows is a simple explanation.

Munsell Colour Theory diagram about colour
Munsell Colour Theory diagram courtesy of Wikipedia

Depth – how deep or light a colour is, graded 1-10 with all levels in between.    The deepest being level 1 and the Lightest at level 10.

Clarity – how bright or muted a colour is, this depends on how much grey or black has been added to a colour, again graded between 0-12 between Bright, Medium and Soft/Muted.     0 being soft/muted and 12 be the highest level of brightness/clarity.

Undertone – Colours are described as having either yellow or blue undertones and this defines their temperature. Yellow undertones are warm and blue undertones are cool.    These again are graded between 0-10 with 10 being coolest, neutral in the middle and warmest being 1.

There are colours which have an equal amount of blue and yellow, these are called True colours or neutral, they are at the middle point on the scale.

About Colour, colour analysis theory and You

If you want to understand more about colour and how colour analysis theory relates to you and your unique colouring, book a session with a Colour Analysis Coach who will work through the process with you.   They’ll help you to easily see what depth, clarity and undertone lifts your features, makes your eyes pop and takes years off your appearance.   You’ll see a massive difference in how even your skin tone appears with your wow colours.

How does colour analysis theory relate to me and a colour analysis session?

Working with some drapes, colour wands and in natural light, I’ll help you to discover your best colours.

I will show you Hues (pure colour), Shades (colour with black added), Tones (colour with grey added) and Tints (colour with white added) so you can quickly see the difference between them.  You’ll  quickly be able to see the difference it makes to how you look and feel.   You’ll also know about colour and how it supports or detracts from how you look.

Before we start, we’ll chat about what you’re hoping for from your session and your needs from this.     I’ll work with you to discover your style and how that relates to work or home to get the best result for you.

I want to see whether you have an overall look which is Cool or Warm (or even Neutral).    Then I will help you see whether bright or muted colours work best for you and after that I’ll chat to you about depth of colour or the contrast level that works best for you.

I’ll take photos of you before your session, then later with some drapes/wands of your best colours together with your key neutrals.    These will be sent up to 48 hours later with our ‘report’ with a handy guide on using your colour swatch and colour cards.    You’ll be able to quickly and easily build a wardrobe that works for you.      I’ll include some guidance on the most flattering styles for your shape, a reminder of what we discussed about hair, accessories, make up etc.

Unless you’ve decided on a custom swatch (which is an additional investment of £50 inc vat), you’ll take away your preferred swatch with you, having been shown how best to use it to find colours that make you look amazing.

If you have to wear a uniform or corporate suits in a colour you don’t like, or isn’t flattering, I’ll show you how to introduce your best colours and to lessen the impact by using your core neutrals.

In-person one-to-one colour consult, includes a mini swatch wallet of your choice, posted to you and a digital colour palette you can save to your phone or print and carry in your purse.   We will meet at a venue to be agreed and you are responsible for your own travel/transport.    £150.00

Online colour consult, includes a mini swatch wallet of your choice, posted to you and a digital colour palette you can save to your phone or print and carry in your purse.    £150.00

Bookings are confirmed once payment is received in full via Paypal.     To enquire about an online or in person consult, complete the form below and I’ll get back to you.


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