About Transform My Style

Let me tell you a little bit about Transform My Style, it is a trading style of Artemis Media.   We have specialized in project management, consultancy and ICT for many years.    It was a natural choice to add image consultancy, style coaching and colour analysis to our services to both businesses and individuals.

Also, with Loraine’s experience as a hairdresser (many years ago and more than she would care to admit), we added Hair Colour Analysis to help those who want to age gracefully or greyfully.

We know the importance of making that first impression at work, in negotiations, on a first date or how your style (or lack of it) impacts on so many areas of your life.

When Loraine undertook her training in Colour, Style and Image, she was her own first customer.    Having been wrongly ‘pegged’ as a Soft Summer in a consult many years ago, she was keen to stop the constant comments from people thinking she looked ill and tired.

Loraine says the best moment for her, attending a meeting where a a male colleague she hadn’t seen for 12 months loudly declared she looked 10 years younger and several stone lighter.   She hadn’t lost weight, but her outfit made it look like she had.

The right colours can make you look younger and feel amazing.    What’s stopping you?

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