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Finding YOUR style

I never really felt that I had a style, or that my outfits were ‘put-together’ in any way.   I must admit, that for many years and particularly when my son was young, I just threw on what fit or was clean.

During that time I was still working as a consultant to small businesses in ICT, Web Marketing, Social Media etc and being in a creative industry, it’s lucky that jeans are an accepted part of the dress code.

Once I started to look at my lifestyle, what I wanted from my wardrobe and how I want to look, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.      I’m what some call a Natural/Classic.     I enjoy dressing up and wearing suits, but for me, comfort and easy of movement are high on the list of priorities.

If you’re thinking of a style consultation, either in person or virtual, try this little bit of homework first.

  1. What do you need from a capsule wardrobe?
    • is it for work?
    • family time, casual weekends?
    • workout/exercise/leisure?
    • professional wear?
    • vacation/holiday/travel?
    • special occasion/wedding/other family event?

Being clear about what you want will help you get the most out of the session and make a real impact on your life.  Don’t try and change your whole life at once.   Pick one area of life, say work, and do that first.     The rest you can get as you have time or the need arises.

Once you’ve made that choice, think about your keywords.   What three to five words describe the requirements of that capsule wardrobe?

For my family time/casual weekend wardrobe my priorities were

  1. casual – easy to dress up with a few accessories if needed
  2. comfortable – natural fibres, blends, bit of stetch so I can move swiftly and easily
  3. machine wash – this is a big one for me, or it will languish in the bottom of the laundry basket forever

What are your priorities and keywords?

Colour Analysis FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Colour Analysis

Q. What is Colour Analysis?

A. While the various systems used all stem from research by Munsell and others before them, the main book to introduce Colour Analysis to the UK was by Carol Jackson and is called Colour Me Beautiful.    You may have heard of the company.     The system itself was based on the Four Seasons, so you’d be classed as a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.     They looked at skin tone, hair colour and eye colour to see which season was a match for you. Your best colours make your eyes look bright, clear and show off the very best of you.    While this worked for many, it didn’t account for ethnicity or the intensity of a persons colouring.     The Seasonal method was expanded into 12 (the basis of the Tonal Method) and this allowed everyone to find a sub-Season that worked for them.    I am trained in both methods and work with you to find YOUR best colours, that may mean you take away a Seasonal, Tonal or custom Swatch following an in person colour analysis session.

Q. How does Colour Analysis Work?

A. Colour Analysis should focus on your natural colouring, your hair, skin and eye colours and how to find the best colours which harmonize, lift and flatter your features, making you look fabulous.   We look at your outfit colours, accessories, jewellery and how to combine them to look your very best.

The following diagram shows the ‘flow’ between Seasons depending on the Tonal Direction.   If your major characteristic is ‘Deep’ you may be able wear the Deep colours from the Winter range and the Deep colours from the Autumn range (you might lean slightly to cool or warm), but with experimentation we will find the ‘sweet spot’ for you.

The Tonal Directions break down roughly into Seasons (for those who want to know what season is them).

These can flow into one another based on the Tonal Direction.   If you are Light but neither cool or warm, you may be able to wear colours from both Light Spring and Light Summer.

Cool and Deep – Cool Winter

Deep and Cool – Deep Winter

Bright/Clear and Cool – Clear/Bright Winter

Bright/Clear and Warm – Clear/Bright Spring

Light and Warm – Light Spring

Warm and Bright – Warm Spring

Deep and Warm – Deep Autumn

Warm and Soft/Muted – Warm Autumn

Soft/Muted and Warm – Soft Autumn

Soft/Muted and Cool – Soft Summer

Soft/Muted and Light – Light Summer

Cool and Soft/Muted – Cool Summer








Tonal Colour Analysis

Tonal Colour Analysis is based allows  an expansion of the Seasonal Colour System.     We take six characteristics which help you identify which type you are.

We start by finding the Dominant Characteristic from the six listed.

Deep/Dark – strong, deep colouring, often with dark hair and eyes

Light – light, delicate colouring, light eyes and hair, often a natural blonde

Warm – warm/golden hair, often warm skin tones (yellow based rather than blue or red)

Cool – no yellow tones to the skin, often pinkish or blue toned with

Soft/Muted – soft and dusty look, little contrast between eyes, skin, hair with a blended look.

Bright/Clear – eyes are bright, all features are clear and no feature is muted or soft.


We then find the Secondary Characteristic.     If your Dominant is Warm or Cool, we establish whether Clear/Bright or Soft/Muted colours work best for you.    If your Dominant is any of the others, we establish whether you are Warm or Cool.    As an example, my Dominant is Soft/Muted, but my Secondary is Warm.





Will my colours change over the years?

If I have my colours done, will my colours change as I get older?     The correct answer is No, your ‘season’ probably won’t change but the colours you wear might be lighter or softer in ten or twenty years from now.     You might still be a Spring, but instead of a Bright Spring aka Clear Spring, you might be wearing more colours from the Light Spring aka Soft Spring palettes.     On the other side of the coin, I see many ladies who embrace the idea of more colour and make more use of their power colours which can look incredible with greying hair.    You don’t have to have a grey or black wardrobe as you age, you can choose colours which let the world see YOU, the beautiful you who deserves to be seen.

I have seen a few cases, usually due to a big life change such a bereavement or serious illness (medication may easily be a factor) where skin tone and hair colour has changed, resulting in the need for the colours to be refreshed, but these are thankfully, few and far between.

Remember that if you change your hair colour dramatically, by perhaps going red, blonde or darker than your natural colour, this may change your overall look.

The Power of Colour In Business

Colour matters when you’re working or in business, but why?     The impact and first impression you make are based on several factors.

These are

a) the colour, does it make you look healthy, vibrant and capable?     What psychological impact does the colour have on the person you are meeting?

b) your clothing, does your outfit reflect your industry, your personal style and your personality so they all ‘mesh’ and give the right impression?

c) your body language, do you stand tall, walk with confidence and have a firm handshake?

So, before you’ve uttered even a single word, something like 90% of the impression you make has already occurred. Now, do you see why colour matters?

Your chosen colour should reflect your mood, whether that’s a power colour to give you confidence, a healing colour to keep you calm, lighter colours or your best neutrals to make you look both confident and more approachable.

We can advise on your best capsule wardrobe for business, to include your best neutrals and help you build a wardrobe to help you seal the deal, win that promotion or be seen in the work place.

How you dress at work will also make an impact on your earning potential.    Many studies over the years have shown that dressing ‘above your paygrade’ will help get you promoted or be noticed for greater things.    It can also result in a higher salary than your peers.

Wardrobe Weeding

What is wardrobe weeding?    We work with you to create outfits you love with the clothes you have, identify any basic or accessory purchases you need to complete or enhance your look and how to get your wardrobe ‘working for you’.   We’ll help you create a hard working capsule wardrobe from your existing clothes and show you how to easily put together outfits for all occasions.    No more worries about what to wear, you’ll be able to ‘grab and go’.