Colour Analysis Consultation 2020

Colour Analysis Consultation, consultant using drapes to find the wow colours to suit her client
During a colour analysis consultation, the stylist determines the colors that best suit an individual based on your natural coloring, I use drapes and wands in various colour combinations

Colour Analysis Consultation – what can you expect?

A Colour Analysis Consultation can transform how you look and feel.    Discover your best colours, they’ll make you look and feel healthy, vibrant and beautiful. You’re eyes will look bright, clear and fabulous, making everyone look at you rather than your outfit or your figure.

Who needs a colour analysis consultation?  I’ve prepared a quick list below, do any of these points resonate with you?

Do you need a colour analysis consultation?

  • Do you have a wardrobe/closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?
  • Do you spend hours agonizing over wardrobe choices for family occasions or work events and still feel dowdy and unattractive?
  • Do you always wear black for work because it’s professional, powerful, you’ve been told it goes with everything and you don’t have think about it?
  • Do you feel tired, washed out or look unwell?
  • Do you wear grey to match your changing hair and find yourself disappearing into the background?
  • Would you like to look healthy, vibrant and attractive?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then a colour analysis consultation is for you!

Short of cash and think you can’t afford a Colour Analysis Consultation?

After a Transform My Style colour analysis consultation you won’t waste a penny on unworn clothes, wardrobe disasters or impulse buys.     You’ll save more than the price of your consultation. Guaranteed.

Feeling dowdy or dated and need an update?

Every woman (or man) deserves to feel attractive, know their unique style and look healthy, vibrant and youthful.
Stuck in a rut? Embrace who you really are and show your true beauty to the world. You’ll feel happier, discover your best colours and develop a style unique to you. You’re never too old to enjoy being told you’re beautiful (or handsome)

Save Time with a Colour Analysis Consultation

Say goodbye to agonizing over what to wear.     Say hello to ‘grab and go’ outfits which will always look great together.
Learn to shop faster, buy with confidence and love how you look.   No more wasted time browsing in shops, you can breeze past the colours your don’t want and straight to those that make you look amazing.

I’ll have a Colour Analysis Consultation When I Lose Weight

Why wait until you’v lost the weight to have a colour analysis consultation?  Don’t you deserve to look and feel amazing every day?  After our Colour Analysis consultation, you’ll wonder why you ever worried about your weight. We’ll help you combine your outfits to make the most of your body shape/size and draw the eye up to your beautiful face. If someone’s looking at your beautiful eyes, they’re not staring at your lumps, bumps and wobbly bits.    I’m a curvy lady and I know how you feel, don’t let that get in the way of feeling like the best version of you.  The increased confidence and lack of stress about what to wear might even help your weight loss.

A Colour Analysis Consultation IS an Investment in YOU:

In-person one-to-one colour analysis consultation, includes a mini swatch wallet of your choice, posted to you and a digital colour palette you can save to your phone or print and carry in your purse.   You will need to travel to Ulverston in Cumbria to see me in person.   £180.00

Online colour analysis consultation, includes a mini swatch wallet of your choice, posted to you and a digital colour palette you can save to your phone or print and carry in your purse.    £180.00

Bookings are confirmed once payment is received in full via Paypal.     To enquire about an online or in person consult, complete the form below and I’ll get back to you.

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