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How to use colour swatches, wallets or guides

How to use colour swatches, mini wallets or colour cards for shopping, make-up, hair colours and more.

Firstly, the colour swatch, mini wallet or colour cards are NOT colour matching tools.   You do not wander round the shops looking for the specific colours in the set.    If you did, you’d end up tired, grumpy and frustrated as fashion colours change each year depending on the season.

So, how do I use my wallet, swatch or cards?    It’s very simple, you lay the swatch, wallet or card over the top of the item you’re considering, see below for a few examples.

The image above shows Autumn fabric with Soft Autumn (top) and Bright/Clear Winter (bottom) mini swatch wallets laid over the fabric.  You’ll see the Autumn fabrics are in harmony with the shirt (Per Una) and the Bright Winter colours stand out as if ‘sat on top’.    This particular top would suit a Warm, Deep or Soft Autumn.

This shirt is a mix of spring pinks, yellows and peach tints with a white undertone, it is bright, warm and light.    I have laid my seasonal wands over the top and can easily see that the left most wand (Spring) is most in harmony with the fabric, the others don’t work well with it at all.  The Summer wand is disappearing (although some of the pinks work with the fabric, the lighter pinks), Autumn is too deep and Winter sticks out like a sore thumb.   This top would be wonderful on a warm, light or bright Spring lady but a light Summer lady might get away with it.

This image shows the Autumn and Spring fabric mini wallets fanned out and laid over the fabric.  While the Autumn colours (warm/deep) are okay with it, the Spring colours (warm/light) are truly in harmony and look made to match it.





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