Business & Corporate Image Colour Analysis

The Power of Colour In Business

Colour matters when you’re working or in business, but why?     The impact and first impression you make are based on several factors.

These are

a) the colour, does it make you look healthy, vibrant and capable?     What psychological impact does the colour have on the person you are meeting?

b) your clothing, does your outfit reflect your industry, your personal style and your personality so they all ‘mesh’ and give the right impression?

c) your body language, do you stand tall, walk with confidence and have a firm handshake?

So, before you’ve uttered even a single word, something like 90% of the impression you make has already occurred. Now, do you see why colour matters?

Your chosen colour should reflect your mood, whether that’s a power colour to give you confidence, a healing colour to keep you calm, lighter colours or your best neutrals to make you look both confident and more approachable.

We can advise on your best capsule wardrobe for business, to include your best neutrals and help you build a wardrobe to help you seal the deal, win that promotion or be seen in the work place.

How you dress at work will also make an impact on your earning potential.    Many studies over the years have shown that dressing ‘above your paygrade’ will help get you promoted or be noticed for greater things.    It can also result in a higher salary than your peers.

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