Colour & Style Update

Our Colour and Style update service is just what you need if

  • you had your colours done a while ago and feel they’re not working for your life now.
  • you’ve gone through a significant change of lifestyle e.g. retired, back to work after a career break, been made redundant, divorced and need a confidence boost, back to dating, going for a promotion, change of job, promotion or new business.
  • you’ve got a big event coming up whether that’s a family wedding, you’re the Mother of the Bride, a Christening, big birthday or you haven’t seen family in ages and really feel the need to look your best.
  • you’re attending a big formal event and have no clue what to wear
  • you need to put together some grab and go work outfits – we can do this via Skype or in person, it’s up to you.