Online Colour Analysis Enquiry

Online Colour Analysis is available for those of you that don’t live in the area I cover, or even or for those that just don’t have enough time to see a colour stylist.

I would add, this isn’t the same as a free digital online colour analysis where you upload a picture or answer a few standard questions.

I look very carefully at your photos, I will ask for a selection of them and possibly even view some on your social media accounts (with your permission) to get a better idea of your true colouring.      Once I’m happy with my ‘diagnosis’ I’ll send you a digital ebook containing

  • your best or WOW colours
  • your best neutrals
  • ideas for colour combinations
  • how to use your colours when clothes shopping
  • a few suggestions on make up colour and hair colour to suit you

What do you do next?   Get in touch with me through the contact form below and say you are interested in Online Colour Analysis.   £180.00 investment.

  • What’s next?   I’ll reply to your message.
  • We’ll sort out payment via paypal
  • I will email you a brief questionnaire, return this with your photos ready for your analysis.
  • I’ll ask you to send me a range of photos of you, some close up and some head and shoulders shots.
  • If you are happy to ‘friend’ me on social media I will be able to view more photos of you and get an idea of how you look in various colours and light conditions.