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One of the biggest challenges for any business owner is making sure you’re top of the list when your customer is searching for a particular product or service.    We call this Top of Mind.

My good friend, Stewart Andrew Alexander, had an brilliant idea to help keep your business at the top of your customers mind, share contact details and send a powerful message directly to their phone or tablet contacts.   No more scrolling through their contacts and thinking ‘Who is this, how do I know them, where did I meet them?’

This is the link to my page and it gives the visitor a quick idea of who I am, what I do and how I can help them (or their contacts for that matter, it’s designed for sharing).

Desktop version – how this looks on my pc or laptop
Desktop version showing referral widget (sharing button top right)

What’s on the page?

  1. There’s an image at the top, which I can change easily using a simple form which goes straight to Stewart for editing.
  2. A link to my website, or anywhere else you want to link, it’s your choice.
  3. Email link
  4. Call me link
  5. SMS me link
  6. A big button to save my contact details to your device.
  7. Social media icon links – I just added Facebook for now, but you could add lots more.
  8. Stewart is adding the coolest feature to add an audio interview, link here to one example scroll down on a mobile phone to see the interview button
  9. Social Media Share button, that’s top right of any of the pages I’ve linked to, see this one for Jerica Glasper, click the share button to see her social media links or send her a WhatsApp message.

It’s easy for me to ask for a number at a networking event, a conference, meeting or in passing.  I send the person the link to my page and within seconds they can download the vcard with all the contact information directly from the page.

Features I loved

Even better, and I love this bit, it adds the descriptive text telling them who I am, what I do and how it can help them.   So when they next click on my contact details in their phone or other device, all the info is there, ready for them to get in touch or share with someone else.

The ease of setup, it was super quick.  The only bit that took me a while was cutting my information text down to 600 characters, which gave me a clear, concise and easy to read message that I’m now using in other marketing.   All in all, it’s been a great experience and I’m delighted to recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone with a business who wants customers/clients/prospects.

How is this better than a business card or leaflet?

  1. It can’t be lost or put somewhere safe, it’s quickly saved to your clients contacts with all the information you want
  2. You’re saving trees by saving paper – the trees say thank you 🙂
  3. You’re saving money, the planet and a lot of your time.
  4. Most leaflets are either not read or just binned.
  5. Business cards are tucked away and might not even make it into a wallet or purse, let alone have the info saved to their phone
  6. No need for a designer and no special skills required, just type in your info to the easy to use form Stewart will send you, upload your photos and you’re good to go
  7. Personalized bio, you could have several savemicard pages for each of your businesses or to highlight an area of your business.
  8. Link to your website, contact form or anywhere you want
  9. Email, social media and other links are quickly updated, no need to print more cards, bin the old ones or scribble new details over the card and making it look scruffy
  10. All the info on your page is super easy to edit, you’ll receive a link to a form, save that email for future use, as it has the update link where you can change any or all of your details.
  11. Your new best client is a click away and making it easier to save your contact details straight to their phone will save them time and make you look professional, efficient and ahead of the game.
  12. If you click the image, you can share your contact vcard info via a variety of methods, including email, SMS or QR codes (my son loved this feature).    The email, text or QR info include a message which you can customize to suit your business, here’s mine
    1. Hi, XXX here… As promised, here are my full contact details… (1) Go here: (2) Tap on the, ‘Save My Contact Details’ button. (3) Add me as a new contact on your phone… That’s it, thanks and enjoy the rest of your day!
  13. Stewart has setup up some really helpful tutorial videos to show you how each feature works.

How does this help me in the real world?

I’m at a meeting or networking event.   Someone gives me their card after we’ve talked briefly about what they do.   (You know I’m not going to keep that card, right?   I’ll either lose it or put it somewhere safe …).

I click the secret share button on my page (hint: click the nose on my photo, it’s a big enough target), enter their phone number and send them an SMS with a link to my contact details and instructions on how to download them to their phone.   I can email them with the same information and they can instantly save my contact details.   No lost cards, no dead trees, no fuss and all done in no time at all.  How cool is that?

QR code with my contact details

How much does it cost vs my business cards?

Right now, Stewart is offering a trial for $1.00 USD for the first 7 days.  Then $67.00 USD for each year.

If I ordered 250 business cards, that could cost me £20 plus delivery.    I typically used to hand out anything up to 2000 cards a year at events.

Assuming I order my cards in batches of  250, that’s £160 a year on which are potentially binned or lost within days of meeting the person.   With savemicard, they’ve got my contact info saved to their laptop, phone or device within seconds.

More importantly, I don’t have to remember to bring enough cards with me or pay expensive reprint costs when I change mobile/cell number, move office or make any changes to my business details.

For $67.00 a year my page will save me

  • a lot of time (that’s a finite resource – I can’t get that time back)
  • typically save over £160 a year in print costs
  • design costs – I can update the card information myself at any time of day or night
  • delivery charges
  • a lot of trees and help to reduce deforestation

At the same time, I have the potential to make contact with thousands of prospects or customers who can

  • instantly save my contact details
  • know who I am
  • what I do
  • how I can help them

Having a savemicard page is a really good talking point when I ask someone for their contact details, I tell them I’ll send them a link to download my vcard and it’s an easy way to help save the planet.

Try it it now, I know you’ll love it, save money and a lot of time



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