Helen, a busy Mum juggling family and work

First impression (quick read as dealing with children as well) was how many points rang true. Some of the colours I favour are in my selection and others not so I definitely need to review my current wardrobe and I LOVE the outfit suggestions you have made (I really love the fact that there are mini capsules which would be perfect for a week away). I also love the idea of linking to pinterest, fashmates and direct to retailers so you can check out individual items. I don’t think there was anything I don’t like although a lot of things I would never have thought of myself. I just want to say, seriously wow, I cant believe how much your report resonates with me 🙂

Nicky, a Mum of three boys with special educational needs

Thanks so much Loraine, I really loved having my colours done and learned so much.   I love the fact you have included make up ideas (at an achievable level for a busy, working Mum) and I now know what colours to buy next time I am shopping, thank you so much.

Janet, a busy professional

I really love that I can sort out my work outfits at the weekend so I have grab and go options for every day.  My working day can start very early and I’m often out all day at meetings, keeping accessories in the car that go with all my outfits has been a game-changer.   I know I can take a simple outfit from day to night with a few quick additions.

Tanja, knitwear designer

Loraine provided me with a very thoughtful and detailed report that not only told me what colors and styles to use, but explained it with numerous photos and examples so I could understand it all very easily.   I’m happy with my chosen colors and styles now and feel much better prepared for all possible occasions instead of just going in jeans and t-shirt everywhere. She has patiently answered all my questions so I could develop confidence in choosing what to buy.