Work Wardrobe Update

Updating your work wardrobe can seem a bit daunting, but once you know your colours, it’s a lot easier.

I’ll take you through the right shapes, fit and design lines to flatter your body shape.   We’ll look at a variety of scenarios relating to your work and which of your best colours/styles will be most effective for those.

For example, if you’re an HR manager and dealing with staff, you need to look both professional and approachable.  This engenders trust and helps others feel at ease.

If you’re leading a meeting and need to take charge, you need to look like you mean business.

Going for a promotion or hoping to win a new contract?   Understanding the expectations of your potential employer is important, we’ll work through that and I’ll suggest a capsule wardrobe to deal with those situations.

We can chat over Skype or in person and make the most of the suits/items you already have.   You’ll then have a list of suggestions for your capsule work wardrobe and any accessories you might need.

Another option, if you have work suits already but aren’t really sure how to upscale your look to the pay grade you’d like, I can help you elevate your look with some simple changes.     Once you’ve booked your consult, I’ll ask you send me photos of five suits/work outfits and I’ll send some ideas of how to style them.   Together with suggestions of what to add, what to replace.

I’ve been promoted because I looked the part, and instead of dressing like one of the clerical team, I started dressing like one of my managers.    I increased my salary by 50% in 12 months.


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