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Wardrobe Weeding

What is wardrobe weeding?    We work with you to create outfits you love with the clothes you have, identify any basic or accessory purchases you need to complete or enhance your look and how to get your wardrobe ‘working for you’.   We’ll help you create a hard working capsule wardrobe from your existing clothes and show you how to easily put together outfits for all occasions.    No more worries about what to wear, you’ll be able to ‘grab and go’.

Is this you?    You have a wardrobe crammed with clothes, all the latest styles and colours but NEVER have anything to wear?     Do you tend to wear the same 20% of your clothes 80% of the time?

What’s involved in a Wardrobe Weeding consultation?

We want make your wardrobe work for you, not against you.    Together, we will weed out the clothes that don’t suit you, don’t fit you (but might with some alterations) or don’t suit your lifestyle.    That’ll make more room for the clothes that love you and make you look your best.

  • Our aim is to create a capsule wardrobe of pieces that go with everything, work hard and help make you look fabulous every day.
  • Create grab and go outfits that flatter your shape, show off your beautiful colouring and help people see YOU, not your outfit.    You’ll learn how to put these outfits together and I’ll send you a easy guide as a reminder.
  • We’ll identify any missing pieces of the puzzle, you may have lots of amazing tops but no jacket to go with them, or you might be missing a few simple accessories to add a bit of wow to your every day outfits.
  • At the end of the session, you’ll have a clear idea of what you can add to your wardrobe to make more ‘grab and go’ outfits, simplify holiday packing and make dressing each day a joy, not a chore.
  • Save time, cash and avoid those ‘wardrobe disasters’, we’ve all done it.

It’s not about throwing out clothes, after all, you may well have invested a great deal in some of your items.  If there is something you really love, have to wear for work or just can’t let go, we’ll show you how to make it work for you and pair it with items that make you look amazing.

It might be that you love the colours you have and they might be fabulous, but if the fabrics are uncomfortable or the style is one you just won’t wear, is it helping you or holding you back?

We’ll take some photos during our session for your personalized report, which is usually sent out within a couple of working days.   The report includes a summary of our session, outfit ideas from your existing wardrobe, reminders of what we’ve discussed, your shopping list and some suggestions for high days and holidays so you don’t get caught out on ‘the big day’.

Shopping for clothes should be fun, not torture.   If you know your colours, you can ignore all the wrong ones and head straight to what does work for you, that’ll save you TIME, MONEY and EFFORT.     If you book a Colour Analysis Session and Wardrobe Weeding to take place on the same day, you’ll get a discount on your Colour session.

We travel withing 2 hours of Ulverston, Cumbria (South Lakes area) as far as Manchester, into North Yorkshire, throughout Cumbria and the The Borders.

Fee: £45 per hour, minimum 2 hours booking. (Travel time and mileage free within 15 miles of LA12).   We do travel within a two hour radius of LA12.   We will confirm travel charges prior to accepting a booking and payment.


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