Why does colour analysis matter?

Colour doesn’t just impact on how you look, it impacts on how you feel.   We work with you during our colour analysis consultations to find the best colours to compliment your unique beauty.   We also  and show you how they will improve your energy, making you look and feel amazing.

Why do I need colour analysis?

We will help you discover which colours lift and flatter your features, and more importantly, which ones don’t.

Do you

  • have a wardrobe/closet full of clothes and never have anything to wear?
  • spend hours agonising over wardrobe choices for family occasions or work events and still feel dowdy and unattractive?
  • always wear black for work because it’s professional, powerful, you’ve been told it goes with everything and you don’t have think about it?
  • feel tired, washed out or look unwell?

A lot of women fall into the trap of wearing grey to match the new grey tones in their hair, as a result they fade into the background, can appear unwell and start to feel dowdy and drab.

Adding the right colours will have your friends/family asking if you’ve lost weight, saying how well you look and begging to know how you did it.

We’ll help you discover your best colours, look vibrant, feel attractive and bring back that healthy glow.   Sounds good?

Benefits of colour analysis

Once you know your BEST colours:

  • You’ll feel more confident at any event you attend
  • You’ll feel more confident at interviews
  • You’ll spend less time on clothes shopping
  • You’ll be more confident clothes shopping, knowing you’ll choose the best colours/styles
  • You’ll be more confident choosing highlights & colours in your hair styles
  • It’ll be easier to choose make up that flatters you
  • It will identify some colours that you already like
  • It will also give you others choices you might not have considered
  • Save time shopping by knowing what works for you
  • Avoid those impulse buys and wardrobe disasters
  • Make your wardrobe work for you, instead of against you.
  • Look healthy, younger, vibrant and feel happier
  • Enrol on one of our style workshop (online or in person) and learn how to build a capsule wardrobe of outfits which flatter your colouring
  • Save valuable time with grab and go outfits which will always go together
  • Get the best out of your investment in YOU

Oh, and it doesn’t mean throwing out £1000s of your existing wardrobe.     There will be items you can learn to ‘save’ by combining with your best colours, some you can donate and others that already work with your unique colouring.

If your friends know their colours, you could have a clothes swap party and make a fun night of it.