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Will my colours change over the years?

If I have my colours done, will my colours change as I get older?     The correct answer is No, your ‘season’ probably won’t change but the colours you wear might be lighter or softer in ten or twenty years from now.     You might still be a Spring, but instead of a Bright Spring aka Clear Spring, you might be wearing more colours from the Light Spring aka Soft Spring palettes.     On the other side of the coin, I see many ladies who embrace the idea of more colour and make more use of their power colours which can look incredible with greying hair.    You don’t have to have a grey or black wardrobe as you age, you can choose colours which let the world see YOU, the beautiful you who deserves to be seen.

I have seen a few cases, usually due to a big life change such a bereavement or serious illness (medication may easily be a factor) where skin tone and hair colour has changed, resulting in the need for the colours to be refreshed, but these are thankfully, few and far between.

Remember that if you change your hair colour dramatically, by perhaps going red, blonde or darker than your natural colour, this may change your overall look.

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